It’s posada season!


It’s the Christmas season once again… are you planning a posada? While many people think that a posada is just a Christma-time party, the cultural and religious history is more than that. The posadas tradition is a holiday celebration from Latin America that dates back to the 16th century. It is a reenactment of Mary and Joseph’s journey to find a place to stay in Bethlehem, and it takes place from December 16th to the 24th, leading up to Christmas Eve.

During the posadas, a group of people often dressed as Mary and Joseph, knock on the doors of various houses and ask for lodging. The people inside the house then play the role of innkeepers, and they either turn the travelers away or invite them in and offer them a place to rest (usually culminating with a party). This reenactment is meant to symbolize the struggle that Mary and Joseph faced as they searched for a place to stay before the birth of Jesus.

The posadas are often accompanied by the singing of traditional Christmas carols, villancicos, and the sharing of traditional foods, giving families time to show off their unique dishes and recipes. These celebrations bring communities together and help to create a sense of unity and joy during the holiday season.

In addition to the reenactment of Mary and Joseph’s journey, the posadas are celebrated during the nine days leading up to Christmas, also known as the novena. Each day of the novena is focused on a different aspect of the Christmas story, and people often gather together to pray and reflect on the meaning of the holiday.

Overall, the posadas tradition is a beautiful and meaningful way for people in Latin America to celebrate the holiday season and honor the birth of Jesus. This tradition brings people together and helps to create a sense of community and unity, and it is a tradition that is deeply ingrained in the culture of Latin America, and it’s a tradition that was brought to Houston by Latino families.

Does your family celebrate posadas?

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