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From the Editors, General


Did you know that Hispanic Houston celebrated 10 years? We did! And we’re still going strong.

We can’t be everywhere. And, even though I’d love to argue otherwise, we don’t know everything. Because we understand that and want to make sure that is including events, news, and articles for and about Houston’s Hispanic community, we are asking for help.

We want you!… to send us calendar listings… to let us know when someone in the community is doing something worth spotlighting… when there’s an art exhibit or a community event that needs to be featured… just send us the info:

In particular, we’re looking to cover Hispanic culture with flair (and, when possible photos), and to find those out-of-the-way places (and stories) that aren’t making it into other online magazines.

And we’re not covering politics and hard news. Other than that, we’re open to your ideas and suggestions. If you’d like to propose an article, send us a message at

We want to make as inclusive and expansive as possible. And we need your help to make it a success.


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