La Fisheria announces “no kids under 8 after 7 p.m.”

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In what’s proven to be a highly-controversial move, La Fisheria has announced that you must be at least 8 years old to dine there after 7 p.m. And they did it via Facebook (see the screenshot above, linked here). The reasoning behind the decision, as reported by KHOU, is that “Seven o’clock is not a time for children, especially when we serve drinks and wine.”

La Fisheria is Heights-area Mexican food restaurant that specializes in coastal dishes. Celebrity chef Aquiles Chavez is the culinary genius behind the success of the restaurant, and the owner. Chavez has several TV shows under his belt, including one reality show about opening La Fisheria in Houston.

I am not a parent. My nieces and nephews were all very well behaved and I can’t imagine going someplace for dinner where they’ve been banned. I am more than a little biased. I can understand those who are upset over this decision.

On the other hand, I have family friends who had to stop going out to restaurants for several years while their daughter outgrew a particularly bad phase. For a while, they would meet us for dinner somewhere and we (and everyone else) had to be subjected to a high-volume, incredibly disruptive experience. Every person in that restaurant had their dinner ruined, every time.

What I’m saying is that I don’t know where I fall in reaction to this decision. And that’s as a person who has never been to La Fisheria, but has it on a “to dine there” list. I do know that it sounds bad to tell parents that their kids are not allowed after 7 p.m.

What do you think?

La Fisheria is located at 4705 Inker St., Houston TX, 713-802-1712.

NOTE: I found this via Houstonia.

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