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Harris County raises COVID-19 threat level to RED

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Harris County has officially increased the COVID-19 threat level to RED, in response to the rise in hospitalizations. Those who are unvaccinated are urged to stay home except for essential errands (grocery store, etc.) and to wear a mask.

As conditions in the area worsen, we’re seeing some of the same things we did during the last surge, including: Houston-area hospitals are suspending elective surgeries, local public (non-governmental) facilities are tightening up their mask rules again, and people are wearing masks in public in higher numbers than just last week.

We encourage everyone to be careful and take the measures that make sense for you and your family.



One thought on “Harris County raises COVID-19 threat level to RED

  • So who is going to pay the bills if every one who isn’t vaccinated needs to stay home ? Lol you liberals are something else!

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