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Houston’s Hispanic population increased by 10%, says Census

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The Census results are in and, no surprise, the population in Houston increased by nearly 10%. That still doesn’t make us the third-largest city in the country (Chicago beat us out for that, again). But we logged the second-biggest population increase in the number of new residents (New York beat us for number one, with 629,057) and the growth percentage (where we lost out to Phoenix, with 11.2%).

Just to put that in perspective, Houston had 2,304,580 residents as of April 1, 2020. In the last decade, we gained 205,129 new residents, which is a 9.8% growth.

Also, no surprise, the Hispanic population in Houston increased as well. Total increases were 93,755 or 10%, bringing the new total to 1,013,423.

However, what did surprise us was that the white population shrank by an estimated 30%, from 1,060,492 to 739,873. While we were expecting a decrease, we were not expecting it to be so significant.

The census results are still being analyzed and reported, so we know better insights will follow in the following weeks and months. For now, we’re sharing what’s been written so far.

Source: Houston Chronicle

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