Create good habits to get great sleep

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If you’ve ever had that mid-afternoon slump, of after-lunch desire for a quick 10-minute nap (you can call it a siesta if you want), then you know what it’s like to have this feeling that you’re just not getting enough sleep. Lack of sleep reduces your productivity at work, increases weight gain, and affects your emotional health. And it just plain makes you cranky.

You need more sleep!

It turns out that good bedtime habits can be your friend in getting enough sleep. If you had one of those Moms who had a bedtime ritual, a step-by-step routine to go to sleep, then the idea of bedtime habits won’t be new. For the rest of us, just refer to 1950s to 1970s television.

Drink water in the hours before going to bed, not caffeine. Don’t each rich foods. Turn off your lights (even electronics) and sounds. And plan for enough time to begin with. Then let the sleep reign free.

Having trouble getting to sleep? If you’re going to read, read a print book (not electronic). Don’t run a movie. Don’t get up and check your email. Close your eyes and count cabras. Trust me, it’ll work eventually.

What tips and tricks do you recommend for getting enough quality sleep?

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