Need more sleep? Turn off your tech toys!

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Sleep deprivation is practically a way of life these days. I know people who brag consistently about how little sleep they need, or get. It’s almost a contest with people telling each other “I can beat that!” as if it were a good thing.

I am night owl. I tend to stay up late. I get more done later in the day. And I am absolutely not a morning person. But I always get at least six hours of sleep. And once a week I sleep in really late. Without that I am a zombie for the rest of the week.

Do you need help getting more sleep? One tip is to stay away from the electronics before going to bed. And what that means is make sure everything is off. I know you think that the Netflix queue running in the background is soothing, but it’s actually keeping you from getting enough sleep. And so is that glowing computer monitor.

What helps you sleep?

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