Attention drone owners! You must register your drone with the FAA by February 19, 2016

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**UPDATE: You no longer have to register your drone. (05/19/17) **

Drones are here to stay. My nephew wants a drone for Christmas. One of my best friends is expecting to buy a photo drone for her business next year. Retailers are testing delivery by drones. They’ve become so standard that big events (like the Super Bowl) are asking fans to leave them home when attending.

It looks like the government is finally catching up with the trend. The Federal Aviation Administration is requiring that everyone who owns a drone must register it with them.

If you buy your drone before December 21, 2015, then you must register by February 19, 2016. If you buy your drone after December 21, 2015, then you must register your drone before your first outdoor flight.

However, there is some good news. If your drone is smaller than 250 rams (.55 lbs), it’s considered a toy and does not require registration.

To find more information about registration requirements, and to register your drone, visit

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SOURCE: FAA now requires all drones to be registered and marked, site to go live on December 21st | DIY Photography

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