Are Americans Really Drinking Less Coffee?

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I consider coffee to be a daily requirement. When I don’t drink coffee my sleep patterns go wonky, I stop focusing and get less done. Coffee is something I drink regardless of weather or time of year. I’ve been known to order a cup of coffee to go with my salad. (That’s not weird.)

Hi, my name is Sandra, and I’m a coffee addict.

Regardless of my personal relationship with this wonderful drink, it turns out that Americans as a whole are actually drinking less coffee these days. As a nation we are expected to consume 23.7 million 60-kg bags (132.27 pounds) of coffee in the 2015/16 season. That’s a reduction from the 24 million bags 60-kg bags in the previous season. (And that’s still a lot of coffee!)

The reason for this reduction is that more of us are only making what we expect to consume, thanks to K-Cups and one-cup coffee makers. It used to be that we’d make an entire pot expecting to drink one or two cups, then drink more. Now we just make what we are going to drink.

What also should be pointed out is that K-Cups are so much more expensive than regular coffee brewing. A box of 12 K-Cups costs me an average of $8. If my family is over for breakfast or just for movies, I go through at least one whole box.

Let me ponder all of this as I enjoy my second cafecito this morning …

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