Caffeine doesn’t wake me up, and you may not need it either

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I consume amazing amounts of caffeine every day. From coffee and sodas to chocolate and other sources of caffeine, I (mostly) drink caffeine at regular intervals throughout the day. And it doesn’t make me hyper. In fact, it tends to calm me down. I can drink two cups of coffee after dinner and then go to sleep — yes, even cafe con leche.

Most of the women in my family have the same relationship with caffeine (mostly in the form of coffee). And, if you read up on anecdotal accounts on the effects of caffeine on adults with ADHD, that starts to make sense:

Many sufferers find it has the opposite effect than it does in other people: instead of making them more active and stimulated, it actually has more of a “calm-down” effect, and encourages sleep.

Caffeine doesn't wake me up, and you may not need it either

For those of you who have a more “normal” reaction to coffee, it acts as a stimulant. In other words, it wakes you up. But, this article clarifies, you don’t need to consume your coffee first thing in the morning. If you want the best results from coffee, wait until late morning. It has something to do with cortisol levels and your body’s natural production of the same.

All I know is that I can drink coffee all I want… and still be sleepy. Maybe what I need is more sleep.

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