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An A to Z Look at Motherly Love


Most of you will celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May, but May 10th is Mother’s Day for some of us. May 10th is the date this holiday is celebrated in Mexico, El Salvador, and Guatemala. These countries unite in their heartfelt tributes to mothers on this momentous day each year. From the colorful streets of Mexico to the enchanting landscapes of El Salvador and Guatemala, the air is filled with love and gratitude for the incredible women who have shaped countless lives.

But the celebration doesn’t stop there! A unique twist unfolds in various regions of the United States where vibrant Latino communities flourish, such as Texas, California, and New Mexico. Mother’s Day is joyously observed today, on May 10th, and on the traditional second Sunday in May. It’s a testament to the enduring traditions and cultural ties that span borders and infuse life with even more vibrant hues.

So, whether you find yourself in the lively streets of Mexico, the picturesque landscapes of El Salvador and Guatemala, or within the embracing communities of Latino heritage in the United States, today is a day to honor and cherish the incredible mothers who have left an indelible mark on our lives. Let the festivities begin and may the love and appreciation for mothers know no bounds!

Now, let’s hop aboard this extravaganza of alphabetized adoration for all the marvelous moms!

A is for ADULT: Like a superhero who’s done growing vertically but now expands horizontally—the true essence of embracing life’s delicacies.

B is for BATHROOM: Ah, the mystical chamber that magically cleans itself, or so we all wish, except for our beloved mom, who reigns as the undisputed queen of sanitation.

C is for COMMITTEE: Decisions, decisions! Even though Mom secretly knows what’s best, she graciously allows the illusion of committee choices to keep us on our toes.

D is for DATE: Picture this—Mom escapes the delightful chaos at home to have an adventure with Dad, only to worry about the kids in an entirely different backdrop. Ah, the joys of parenting!

E is for EMPTY NEST: Often misconstrued as wishful thinking, this magical concept hints at a future where mom envisions herself enjoying tranquility, free from the bustling nest she lovingly nurtured.

F is for FABLE: Brace yourselves, as this is the saga spun by teenagers returning home past curfew, blending fantasy and creativity in their quest for justification.

G is for GUM: The multi-purpose adhesive that kids have ingeniously repurposed to style mom’s hair—an avant-garde fashion statement.

H is for HINDSIGHT: The profound wisdom that mom gains through the art of diaper-changing, unveiling a level of experience that can only be acquired through countless nappy alterations.

I is for INFLATION: The extraordinary ability to halve the monetary value of anything without leaving a single crease on the paper. Mom’s magical financial prowess!

J is for JUNK: Dad’s treasures, lovingly referred to as “junk” by Mom, who secretly wonders why he treasures a collection of items that have long surpassed their expiration date.

K is for KISS: Ah, mom’s mystical elixir, capable of healing any ailment, mending broken hearts, and providing an instant dose of affection and comfort.

L is for LEMONADE STAND: Prepare yourselves for a whirlwind entrepreneurial adventure! Armed with a powdered mix, sugar, lemons, and unwavering determination, Mom sets up a fleeting business empire where pint-sized entrepreneurs amass a whopping 15 cents profit in three to six minutes. Success never tasted so sweet!

M is for MAYBE: Don’t be fooled, dear friends, as mom’s “maybe” is simply a playful synonym for a resounding “no.” Resistance is futile!

N is for NONSENSE: According to Mom, our beloved friends possess an uncanny ability to overflow with delightful absurdities—a testament to the vivid imaginations that surround us.

O is for OVERSTUFFED RECLINER: Behold Dad’s throne as christened by Mom herself. A cozy haven where he reigns supreme, surrounded by treasures of comfort and relaxation.

P is for PANIC: Brace yourselves for the adrenaline coursing through mom’s veins when the ever-essential wind-up swing suddenly stops. It’s a moment of panic as she scrambles to restore the soothing motion that lulls our little ones into dreamland.

Q is for QUIET: Ah, the elusive state of tranquility within the household. It exists, my friends, albeit briefly. It blesses our lives before the first child’s birth and, once again, after the last fledgling has embarked on their college adventures. Cherish those serene moments when they grace your days.

R is for REFRIGERATOR: Step into the heart of the kitchen—a gallery of masterpieces and a cool oasis of deliciousness. The refrigerator showcases an ever-evolving exhibition of children’s artwork while simultaneously preserving the edible wonders conjured by mom’s culinary prowess.

S is for SPOILED ROTTEN: In the presence of a grandmother’s love, our little ones transform into the epitome of indulgence. Just a mere 15 minutes spent with grandma is enough to turn them into miniature royalty, basking in a shower of adoration and treats.

T is for TOWELS: Ah, behold, the versatile floor coverings! They seamlessly transition from drying our bodies to cushioning the ground during impromptu pillow forts or serving as capes for our little superheroes. Mom’s ingenious utilization of towels knows no bounds.

U is for UNDERWEAR: The mystical garments that possess supernatural powers. The cleanliness of these undergarments guarantees a miraculous shield against accidents—oh, the wonders of mom’s meticulous laundry rituals!

V is for VACATION: An ambitious endeavor to escape everyday chaos and seek solace in new horizons. Yet, ironically, as Mom embarks on this family adventure, she discovers that “it all” has miraculously traveled with her, reminding her of the joys and challenges that come with the territory.

W is for WALLS: Every room in the house has a bonus feature—a complete set of drawing paper! Walls transform into canvases of creativity, adorned with vibrant strokes of childhood imagination. Mom’s home decor takes on an ever-changing, whimsical allure.

X is for XOXOXOXOXO: Brace yourselves for an ultimate cringe-worthy moment—a note sealed with kisses (XOXOXOXOXO) from mom tucked lovingly into a lunchbox. Prepare for the exaggerated eye-rolls and blushed cheeks as kids navigate the intricacies of teenage embarrassment.

Y is for “YIPPEE!”: A joyous exclamation that escapes mothers worldwide on the first day of school. It’s a celebration of newfound freedom, a momentary respite before their little ones return home, bursting with tales of adventure and mischief.

Z is for ZUCCHINI: The versatile vegetable that mom valiantly experiments with. She strives to introduce healthy delights to our palates, from baked zucchini chips to boiled, fried, or steamed creations. Eventually, resistance from the young taste testers ensues, but only after Mom showcases her culinary prowess.

So there you have it, dear readers—a whimsical expedition through the alphabet of motherhood. Today, as we celebrate Mother’s Day in various countries, let us cherish and honor the incredible women who fill our lives with love, sacrifice, and endless moments of joy.

To all the moms out there, we salute you! May your day be filled with laughter, appreciation, and warm embraces. Happy Mother’s Day from the heart of the Hispanic Houston community!

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