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From the Editors, General

It all started because I was looking for events for Dia de la Virgen de Guadalupe in Houston and couldn’t find anything listed online. After a lot of research I found two listings, both in Spanish, and both hard to find. And I wondered why there wasn’t a resource that was easy to find, all-inclusive, and in English. I was complaining to friends over brunch that in a city the size of Houston, and with our population base, I couldn’t believe no one had an events calendar I could use for these kinds of culturally-relevant events. And they said, “Let’s build one.”

Welcome to HispanicHouston.com. We’ve created this site to provide you with events listings and news & information relevant to the Hispanic community in Houston and its surrounding areas. Beyond that, we’re still figuring out what we’re going to be doing in this space.

What you will find on this site: fun things to do, events for and about your community, arts and entertainment, cultural events, profiles on people and places significant to the Hispanic community, and information about workshops and galas and scholarships and other things to benefit you and your family.

Of course, we’re also going to include videos and guest posts from local bloggers and video bloggers, reviews of restaurants, movies and arts events, photos from around the city and at the featured events, etc., etc., etc.

Things we’re not anticipating including (as of today): political endorsements for specific parties, platforms, legislation or candidates. Whenever possible, we may run a post spotlighting an issue from an unbiased perspective, encourage you to go out and get involved (vote!!!!), but we’re not going to tell you which way to lean or for whom you need to vote. (Okay, I probably will tell you how I’m going to vote, but truly, that’s going to be the extent of my persuasion.)

We promise to disclose when we run promoted posts or content. We promise not to sell your email or contact information (from the “submit an event” accounts or the enewsletter we’re launching). And we promise to listen to your suggestions on how to make the site better.

As of today our commenting policy can be summed up in two words: BE NICE!

— Written by: Sandra Fernandez

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