A brief review of Pollo Campero

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I think it’s a bad sign if I sit down to write a review of a restaurant and the only things that stand out are the decor and the music. You can view the decor in the images provided above and below. The music could have been pulled straight from my Enanitos Verdes Pandora station; it was nice to hear music that wasn’t regional, bachata, salsa or reggaeton but still in Spanish. It was pleasant and surprising.

The restaurant features Central and South American cuisine in a casual dining setting — think Cafe Express with a Latino flair. Tacos with Peruvian chicken and Argentinian steak, empanadas with Cuban pork and tamarind flavoring, and horchata on tap. The tacos were good. The tortillas were soft and warm; the meat was tasty without being over-spiced. Unfortunately, the empanadas were cold and the horchata kept leaving a layer of what I hope was cinnamon at the bottom of the drink.

Did I mention that you have to order a la carte? Tacos run approximately $2.99 each, empanadas are approximately $1.99 each.

I’m hoping that the less than spectacular food was because I visited during off hours. I am going to give it another try.

This Pollo Campero location is located at 4701 Washington Ave, Houston, TX 77007, 713.863.8200.

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