Today’s college student has never done these things

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Every year Beloit College provides their college faculty and staff with a list to provide a cultural context on the incoming freshman class. It’s a simple list that includes things they never have done, or things that have always been “true” for them. The intent is to give their faculty and staff a better understanding of the new students.

Of course, the rest of us read the list in amazement because it’s a concise, and accurate, look at just how much things have changed in the world. A few of the things that caught my eye this year:

They have never licked a stamp. When my brother was overseas (in the Army) we had to teach my niece and nephew how to address and send a letter to their Tío. And I honestly think they have never sent another card, letter or anything that required a stamp again.

Google has always been there. No memories of AOL for them.

They believe Wi-Fi is a utility, and entitlement. When my nephew has play dates, almost the first thing his friends ask upon arrival is “What’s the Wi-Fi password?”

Hong Kong has always been under Chinese rule. Wow.

My absolute favorite: “The eyes of Texas have never looked upon The Houston Oilers.”

Read the entire 2019 List. It’s enlightening.

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Source: 2019 List | Beloit College

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