The Walking Dead delivers an action-packed season 6 premier

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The Season 6 premier of “The Walking Dead” was anxiously anticipated by millions of fans worldwide. The show’s popularity has increased every year, through every episode, until it’s become nearly a force of nature. And if you were anywhere near social media this evening, you were caught up in the tidal wave of fandom whether you wanted to or not.

It helps that they really did their fans proud with the one and a half hour kick-off to season 6. No, I’m not going to give you (too many) spoilers, but if you don’t want to chance it you may want to come back and read this after you’ve watched the episode. You have been warned.

Morgan is going to be a integral part of the show, and is going to affect the dynamic and direction of the group. That was a given. Trailers and commercials have all been hinting at the fact that he’s going to oppose Rick, and tonight’s episode only cemented that prediction.

Carol is still a wild card. Though Morgan seemed to catch on quickly that she’s more than she appears, she’s still playing the helpless housewife for the unsuspecting. She’s going to show her true colors soon. At least I think so.

Michonne is moving away from Rick. We saw the beginning of this in last season. With Morgan’s appearance, Michonne has someone with whom to ally instead of Rick. I hope I’m wrong.

Deanna is going to wake up and start seeing Rick as a threat again. She’s in shock over the loss of her son and her husband right now. Once the grief subsides, she’s going to go back to her default settings.

The betrayals are going to get worse. And that’s the part we’re all tuning in to watch.

One of the things that this episode really capitalized on was the blood and gore, as well as the fear and desperation. The honeymoon, as brief as it was, is over. And we keep seeing that our favorite characters step up and do things that ensure that they survive and keep their loved ones safe, in spite of seemingly impossibility of the odds against them.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what else the show’s creators have in store for us this season.

The Walking Dead” is on AMC on Sundays at 8 pm CST.

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