“Birthday” pie — Lemon Meringue at Dot Coffee Shop

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While other people may choose the mundane (and tasty) cake as the celebratory dessert for birthdays, there are those of us who like to shake it up… just a little. For a recent birthday in my family, the “birthday boy” in question requested pie. Specifically, he requested the Lemon Meringue Pie from Dot Coffee Shop.

If you’re not familiar with Dot’s, then you may not know that it has the distinction of being the first restaurant in the Pappas family of dining establishments. Opened in 1967, the place looks like there hasn’t been a single upgrade since then (it has that 70s diner look perfected, down to the wait staff).

The menu is a tribute to home cooking from the lackluster presentation to the huge portions (Southern food is completely at home here). And the food rocks! From the 24-hour service and the daily specials to the day-long breakfast and the big-as-your-head rolls, I’ve never had a single thing there that I didn’t love. And that includes the pie.

The Lemon Meringue Pie from Dot’s is just tart enough, with the meringue lasting through the day. The crust is flaky, the lemon is tangy (and sweet enough), and the price is affordable ($15 for the whole pie). A great choice for a birthday, or any other occasion.

Dot Coffee Shop is located at 7006 I-45 South at Woodridge, Houston, TX 77087, 713-644-7669.

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