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Commitment To Diversity, Supports The Latino Content Creator, Five Consecutive Years

—, the sole recipient of the LPA Diversity Award, bestowed by the Academy Awards for Latino Podcast for its continual commitment for inclusivity in podcasting. Podbean is a leader in podcast hosting, how honors and recognizes podcasters. —

MONTGOMERY, AL — July 6, 2022 — (NOTICIAS NEWSWIRE) — In 2019 was awarded the one and only Latin Podcast Awards (LPA) for Diversity.

"We're thrilled to lend our support to the continued success and growth of the Latin Podcast Awards. As the largest comprehensive podcasting platform with worldwide users and a multilingual app, Podbean appreciates and celebrates the diverse voices that make podcasting special." Shannon Martin - Director of Communications

The LPA competition is the only podcast awards in the world honoring the U.S. Spanish and English podcast content creators.  The LPA is a U.S.-based organization and is the only bilingual podcasting competition in the world.

The LPA is proud to announce that Podbean, a worldwide leader in podcast hosting, has joined as a corporate sponsor recognizing the future LPA winners of the Latin Podcast Awards 2022.  Podbean is sponsoring the "Business Category."

The nominees compete in categories, country awards, international award, multinational award, and the coveted Podcast of the Year award.  Winners of their respective categories and countries along with the international and multinational awards and Podcast of the Year award will receive a trophy in recognition of their excellence which they can show the world and most importantly their listeners.

On October 16, 2022 during the U.S. Hispanic Heritage Month the winners will be an announcement. For detailed information about the all the nominees, you can go to the Latin Podcast Awards website.

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