My Words For Trump: Prove Me Wrong!

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I have spent years trying to avoid talking politics on this blog and in most public channels. It’s a result of spending most of my professional life being a spokesperson — I’ve learned to avoid sharing my personal beliefs. Today, I step away from that. I’m not certain it will be a one-time event.

* * *

Dear President Elect Donald Trump,

I knew months ago that you would be elected. I knew that I would be looking at a future with you as my President. And it wasn’t because I wanted you to win (I didn’t). And it wasn’t because I was a Hillary Clinton supporter (I’m not). But there was never any doubt in my mind that you would eventually become President of the United States.

Why did I anticipate this? Because it seemed so fantastical, so absurd, so amazingly ill-advised and impossible that I knew it was what would end up happening. In this country we seem to be hell-bent on destroying ourselves, so of course you would be elected.

I didn’t vote for you. I couldn’t vote for you because I believed (still believe) that not only are you not qualified for the job of leading this country in these tumultuous and complicated times, I sincerely believe that you will make things much worse. I believe that you already have made things worse, and that’s just as a candidate.

I’m not going to repeat all the reasons why I think you’re the wrong choice. You’ve been accused of racism, misogyny, illegal activities, bullying, cronyism, and a multitude of other sins and weaknesses of personality, spirit and mind … what more could I actually add to that?

Today I’m taking a deep breath and reminding myself that I live in a democracy. Remind myself that, despite your own threats of violence if the results of the election weren’t to your liking, that that’s not how it works in this country. In this country, we have a peaceful (if not always respectful) transition of government from one leader to the next. The votes were tallied and a new leader was elected. And despite my personal disbelief and inability to understand the results, you’re our next President.

So today I have just one thing to add. One thing to say to you as I recount and try to move beyond my belief that you might be the worst thing to happen to this country … PROVE ME WRONG! I really hope you do prove me wrong. I’ll be more than happy to apologize later.


    • I hope that’s not the case, that I’d be happier if the worst-case scenario actually happens. But it’s possible that there is a part of me that would like to say “I told you so!” The good news is that the adult part of my brain understands that that would mean the awful actually happened. And, despite my flaws, I do strive to be a better person.

      In the end, I know that I would rather be wrong and for things to turn out better than expected.

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