January 8th is the last day to get an AT&T 2-year subsidized plan

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Thinking of getting an upgraded phone this year? If your carrier is AT&T, then January 8, 2016 is the last day you’ll be able to take advantage of the two-year subsidized plan to get that phone. After that, you’ll have to either pay full price or go to payment plan using AT&T Next.

No, this doesn’t just apply to smart phones. All phones will be subject to the new “plan,” even the flip phones and other non “smart” phones (which apparently are still being sold).

As an AT&T customer, this affects me and several of my family members. Most of us got our last phone through the “renewal/subsidization” program. Even though I tend to keep my current phone until it literally stops working, I’m not looking forward to making a decision on how to buy my next one.

What mobile service do you use?

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