In the Movies: “RoboCop” by director José Padilha

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RoboCop” opened in theaters yesterday (February 12, 2014). This is one of the most-anticipated remakes in years and is expected to make a huge box office splash. Brazilian film director, producer and writer, José Padilha directed the movie, updating it from the 1987 Peter Weller version. The original “RoboCop” went on to take cult classic status, and even predicted some things that came true (can anyone say “bankruptcy?”).

For those of you new to the movie (where have you been?) it’s about a police officer who is nearly killed and then turned into the first “man inside machine” model of crime fighter. At its core, its a movie about the resilience of humans. However, the original movie was a bit more complex and had a lot of subtext. I’m hoping some of that made it to the remake.

The new cop-turned-cyborg is played by actor Joel Kinnaman, best-known for his role in “The Killing.” Additional cast include Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury in a series of movies… you know the ones), Gary Oldman (Commissioner Gordon in the last incarnation of Batman), Michael Keaton (who will always be the “original” Batman to me), and Aimee Garcia (from “Dexter”).

Watch the trailer!

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