HPD Tips to Protect Your Home

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Even though the holiday season is over, there’s an entire year of school breaks, road trips, business trips and other ventures out of town. For just those occasions, Houston Police Department has shared some tips on how to keep your home safe:

  • Don’t advertise you’ll be out of town to casual acquaintances or in social media. Instead, tell a reliable neighbor and have him/her watch your property.
  • Leave a few lights on or use timers that will turn lights on and off periodically.
  • Leave drapes in a normal position. Drapes or shades fully closed give a deserted look.
  • Use an etching device to mark your valuables with an identifying mark known only to you.
  • Make an inventory list of all your belongings, include serial numbers.
  • Stop all newspaper deliveries and have someone pick up your mail.
  • Store an inventory of your valuables in a safe deposit box or fire safe, or file it with your insurance company.
  • Share this safety information with your neighbors verbally and through social media.

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