Hooray! Blue Bell Ice Cream is coming back to Houston soon

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My eight-year-old nephew is the pickiest eater I have ever met (or heard of). He only deigns to eat certain foods, and of those he has very specific parameters and tastes. Once, when I babysat for him, I prepared for the evening by making sure I had “his” foods on hand. I even remembered to buy plain vanilla ice cream. I was feeling very proud, until I tried to feed it to him. I was told that I’d bought the wrong kind. This one, Haagen-Dazs vanilla, had “specks” in it. “Next time, Tía, get Blue Bell,” he told me.

Needless to say, he’s been very upset that Blue Bell has been unavailable. He doesn’t really understand the why of it. All he knows is that his favorite ice cream has been missing from the stores. And now I can give him the good news that beginning August 31, 2015, Blue Bell is expected to be on the shelves in Houston. I’ll be his very favorite aunt.

I’m happy about the news too. My favorite ice cream is Blue Bell Butter Pecan. And I anticipate a mad dash to my grocery store to buy a pint… or a gallon… as soon as it becomes available.

Blue Bell is back! (Shortly.)

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Source: We all scream: Blue Bell Ice Cream back on shelves by month’s end and Houston is first in line | Culturemap

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