Hispanic Alumni Scholarship applications due by March 25, 2016

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Do you know someone who is attending the University of Houston next year? For first-time Hispanic students, the Hispanic Alumni Scholarship is taking applications until March 25, 2016.

More info:

The Association of Hispanic Alumni Scholarship is a one-time award ranging in amount from $250-$1000. It will be awarded to a selected, currently enrolled undergraduate student and/or an incoming undergraduate student planning to attend the University of Houston main campus with the following conditions:

An applicant who will be a first time student must be accepted for admission to the University of Houston without waiver on an unconditional basis. If currently enrolled, student must be in good standing and making satisfactory progress toward an undergraduate degree.  The student must maintain a full time course status and a 2.5 Grade Point Average or better while attending the University of Houston.

  • Application must be submitted no later than March 25th, 2016
  • Recipient must be of Hispanic origin.

The scholarship committee members will consider academic standing, leadership and financial need in making their selection. The committee will determine the relative weight given to each criterion. Recipients will not forfeit other scholarships, grants or awards. However, if a recipient applies for financial aid, the amount of the award must be used in the calculating the total amount for which the student is eligible.

Please contact Joe Rera at 713-743-1377 or jfrera@central.uh.edu with any questions.

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MORE INFO: Hispanic Alumni Scholarship


  • I have a son who is graduating this year and would like to have more information about a scholarship for him. I’m a single dad,with 2 boys.

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