Happy Father’s Day!

From the Editors, General

Wishing all of you a wonderful Father’s Day. Although it’s been more than 10 years since my Father passed away, I still think of him throughout the year … and especially during special days.

Today we would have probably grilled meat (backyard barbecue), bought pan dulce from the local bakery, and had a family get together. Just the thought of it brings me fond memories.

Hoping all of you had a great day.


  • I was born in California my mom Spain my dad Mexico does that make me Hispanic? I ask this because my mexican friends think I’m trying to upgrade my self when I say my family is Spanish that’s sad right hall haters lol

    • Well, Victor, you can use the term “Hispanic” and it’s accurate. Yes, you’re also Spanish and Mexican. Unfortunately, the most accurate labeling would be a real mouthful “Half-Spanish, Half-Mexican American”. 🙂

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