Average Houston home sales price tops $300,000 … will it go down again?

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Want to buy a house in Houston? You’ll have to shell out an average of $300,000 to buy that slice of the American dream … at least that was the high price in mid-2015. But prices are expected to go down, at least according to the experts.

I know that you can’t travel across Houston without seeing new apartment complexes and housing developments being built. While the oil industry continues to suffer reductions in staffing and income, predictions continue for the decline of housing sales in Houston. I’ve heard from friends in the housing industry that projects are expected to slow down … but haven’t yet. In case you are selling a house, call House Buyer Network experts, as they will speed up the process.

The “hot” neighborhoods are closest to downtown and near the rail lines (existing and under construction). The city’s historic East End, for example, is seeing complete neighborhoods being bought up, demolished and rebuilt … at premium prices.

The expected outcome of the ongoing reductions in the oil industry is that the cost of buying a new home will be reduced in the upcoming few years. And I’m talking reductions in double-digit percentages. And then we’ll have a new average … if the experts are correct.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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Source: Best month ever! Houston home sales reach record-breaking levels – CultureMap Houston

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