You could get a house in the Heights for just $150 and a 200-word essay (more info at

You could get a house in the Heights for just $150 and a 200-word essay

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Living in the Heights is beyond the average housing budget. With houses running hundreds of thousands of dollars (sometimes up to millions) it’s out of the reach of many homebuyers. Of course, it’s one of the hot neighborhoods in which to buy a house, which is one of the reasons the home prices are so high.

Have you always wanted to live in the Heights? Houston realtor Michael Wachs has a deal for you! You can “win” a two-bedroom, one-bathroom house in Houston’s Heights for just $150 application fee and a 200-word essay. What’s the hitch? Your essay is going to be competing against the essay of every other person who paid the application fee and submitted an essay.

There don’t seem to be too many rules about the essay:

Each submitted offer must include a 200 word (or less) essay about why you would like to buy our home. Essays must not have identifying information—such as names—contained within. All essays are looked at anonymously by the owners of the property in order to remain impartial.

The house is 1,056 square feet, built in 1920, and it’s valued at $394,000 — and it could be yours for just $150 and a well-written essay. Of course, you buy the house as is, the “seller” isn’t going to make any repairs for you.

If you want to submit your offer (and essay) you have until June 13, 2015. Now I’m just trying to figure out why I haven’t submitted an essay already.

More info:

UPDATE 6/5/15: Swamplot posted an update on how many entries have been received. 

UPDATE 6/16/15: Houston Business Journal update stating that the entry fees for participants will be returned. The project didn’t secure a “winner.”

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