Video pick: Selena Gomez Teases 2016 Tour and New Songs

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In today’s video pick, Mashable interviews Selena Gomez about her 2016 tour, her new songs, and her life in general. It’s a short video, but the clips of Gomez “behind the scenes” show a very grown up singer (which is odd for those of use who still look at her as the kid from that magic show).

Gomez is best-known for her role in Disney Channel’s “Wizards of Waverley Place,” which ran for five years. During that time she started her singing career, then her film career. At 24, she’s definitely not a kid and her new look and songs embrace that.

Check it out.

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Source: Selena Gomez Teases 2016 Tour and New Songs in Revealing Interview | Mashable

Image source: Foundry / Pixabay

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