Univision acquires satire news outlet “The Onion”

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In what can only be described as an odd pairing, TV network Univision has announced the acquisition of website “The Onion.” Okay, it’s more accurate to say that they are acquiring 40% ownership of “The Onion,” which (apparently) is the controlling stake in the humor website.

I don’t read “The Onion,” but my brother-in-law is a big fan. For those of you who don’t know the website, it’s a satire new organization … as in if you read it there it’s probably an exaggeration, sarcasm or a joke. It started out as a weekly print publication in 1988 and now is only digital.

“Including Onion Inc. as part of our portfolio is a great fit for a significant step forward in our digital strategy as we continue to expand the ways we entertain and inform millenial and multicultural audiences,” said Isaac Lee, chief news and digital officer for Univision. “Comedy is playing an expanding role in our culture as a vehicle for audiences to explore, debate and understand the important ideas of our time. The Onion has been, and continues to be, a leading force of this phenomenon of intellectual, social, cultural and satirical commentary online.”

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SOURCE: Univision to purchase satirical website, The Onion | USA Today

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