UberESPAÑOL has launched in Texas

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Uber has announced that they’ve finally rolled out a way for riders to specially-request Spanish speaking drivers. This is a logical step for the taxi-replacement service to make in cities where Spanish-speaking riders account for one third (or more) or the overall potential market. The announcement from Uber:

Today we are thrilled to announce that uberESPAÑOL has officially launched in Texas. Over a third of Texans are Spanish speakers, and we want to ensure that the Uber experience reflects our multilingual communities.

With the launch of UberESPAÑOL, riders in Austin, Dallas, El Paso and Houston can now request to ride uberX with a Spanish-speaking driver.

How it works:

  • Open your app and enter code ‘ESPANOLTX‘ in the Promotions section
  • Toggle over to uberX on the vehicle slider
  • Select ESPAÑOL and request a ride

I’ve used Uber in other cities, as a replacement for Taxi services. I like that I can request the ride on an app, see as the driver is approaching my location (with info on the car and driver), and don’t have to even take out my credit card to pay (my account is charged upon completion of the ride). I know that there have been concerns raised over security (especially for women riding alone), but I have those concerns when taking a regular taxi too.

If you test out UberESPAÑOL, let me know how well the process works for you.

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