The catfish at the Kemah Boardwalk


I recently visited the Kemah Boardwalk to celebrate a birthday and I intended to write a review about the experience. I took photos at Landry’s and while I walked around. But I can’t get past the catfish! In the video below you are going to see the catfish under the pier being fed. And it looks to me, and my science fiction-loving brain, like the beginning of a horror movie of some sort.

It turns out that there are food dispensers along the water side of the pier, letting you buy catfish food for a few coins. The dispensers are strategically placed along the walkway, so you have many opportunities to feed the catfish and observe the frenzy that ensues. To the non-nature person (like myself), this seems very weird. Observing the frenzy is weirder. See if you agree in the video below.

 Some photos of the Kemah, Texas experience

2013.09 Kemah P1050039 2013.09 Kemah P1050078
2013.09 Kemah P1050084
2013.09 Kemah P1050060
2013.09 Kemah P1050140
2013.09 Kemah P1050076
2013.09 Kemah P1050134 2013.09 Kemah P1050101 2013.09 Kemah P1050100 2013.09 Kemah P1050135

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