Someone MUST buy this for me: 3D chocolate printer

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My life is complete: Lenovo has announced that they are entering the 3D food printing. No, the joy isn’t because the tech company is creating a printer that will be able to “print” food (in theory, since the printer doesn’t exist yet). The joy is because the food in question will include chocolate. Yes, a machine that will be able to print chocolate delights in pretty designs and intricate combinations of different chocolate flavors (also in theory).

Lenovo’s printer won’t be the first 3D chocolate printer. The most notable was unveiled by chocolate giant Hershey’s earlier this year. This printer is expected to help food printers make the leap into a more affordable market. Although I don’t know yet when this printer will be available, I’m looking forward to seeing one in action, live.  And I’ll just dream up chocolate designs while I wait.

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