Reasons to fall in love with Samsung Galaxy S5

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I have mentioned that I’ve had a Samsung Galaxy S5 on loan to review. It’s been fun playing around with this. Alas, I have to give the phone back (since it was only on loan). Here’s my list of the five reasons I want to get my own Samsung Galaxy S5:

Reason no. 5: The size! Have you actually seen the 5.5 inch screen? It’s impressive. Yes, it’s bigger than my iPhone (and I acknowledge that I have an older model iPhone, so it’s hardly fair to compare). I didn’t think that the larger screen would matter so much, but the increased size improved the video viewing and tweeting/texting experience quite a bit.

Reason no. 4: It’s all about the speed. I never had to wait for the phone to “think” when I opened an app, typed in a website, asked Google to do something, or looked up directions. It may just have been the good luck of being in areas where the coverage was great. Whatever the cause, it was a great experience.

Reason no. 3: Android. My family is split between those of us who own iPhones and those of us who own Android-based phones. I had never played around with the Android operating system. I really enjoyed using this OS. I think it’s easier that iOS, but that’s just my opinion.

Reason no. 2: Google! I honestly hadn’t realized how much of my daily life is tied to Google until I set up the Galaxy S5, connected to my Google account once, then just had all of my services up and working. If I saved a bookmark in Facebook, it just synced to Chrome. Google search remembered my searches from my desktop. And my Google Calendar didn’t require a workaround to just, you know, work. Setting up my iPhone required all sorts of workarounds, though that was forever ago.

Reason no. 1: The camera rocks! It’s no secret that I fell in love with the Galaxy S5 camera. It’s wonderful. You can see some photos I’ve taken with it, in my previous post.

Now that I’m getting ready to return the loaner phone I have to ask myself if I want to buy one. I have to replace my phone (my iPhone is so old that it won’t even update the operating system any more). What keeps me going back to the thought of just getting a new iPhone is that I have a lot of time and money invested in the settings and apps.

But I am very tempted to just say, RESET! and start over.

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  • Disclaimer: I was given access to a Samsung GalaxyS5 for review (i.e., they let me borrow one to play with); I have to give it back (sadly). I was not paid for this post; all opinions are my own.

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