Movie Trailer: Captain America Civil War

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Watching a Marvel Comics movie is a hit or miss experience for me. Usually, I either love the movie or I hate it. “Captain America: The First Avenger” (the first movie in the Captain America franchise) is one where I didn’t have much of a reaction to it at all. I didn’t hate it, not really. But I didn’t love it either. I was, quite frankly, just a little bored with it.

I did, however, love “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” (the second Captain America movie). And I wouldn’t have even watched it if I hadn’t watched “The Avengers.” Chris Evans, playing Steve Rogers/Captain America, did a great job in “The Avengers.” And the writers did a great job of providing lines and scenes that gave his character much more depth than in the previous (solo) movie.

So, armed with the hope that they had learned how to write a better Captain, I went to see “The Winter Soldier.” And I adored it.

Then they ruined it with “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” Even the characters that I normally really like (or mostly like) were almost unrecognizable in that movie. So far into the extremes of themselves that they had lost most of what I liked about them. And the Captain was once again one-dimensional, judgmental and mostly boring.

The next installment of the Captain America saga is set to be released in 2016 (see video trailer below) and I’m not convinced that I’m going to watch it. From the trailer it looks like they may have tapped back into the complexity that made “The Winter Soldier” a hit with me. But it’s always hard to tell from trailers.

I may have to watch the movie just to see for myself if this is going to be a hit or a miss.

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