Minerva Perez launches book, “I Gotta Story”

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Minerva Perez, former ABC-TV 13 KTRK anchor and host of “Latina Voices,” has released a book: “I Gotta Story.” Congratulations Minerva!

The book is an autobiographical look at her 30 year career in TV News of award-winning Broadcast Journalist. It covers the start of her career as a newbie reporter in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas to her rise to the biggest TV markets in the country.

Perez recounts her perspective on what happened “behind the scenes” while covering the major stories of the day: Pope John Paul II’s visit to L-A, the death of Tejano Queen Selena, the Northridge Earthquake, Hurricanes Rita and Katrina, the Waco Siege. Fidel Castro in Havana, and the Guadalajara gas explosion, among many others.

“I Gotta Story” speaks to the incoming generation of reporters about the struggles, the redemption, and the rewards of being a broadcast journalist and it ultimately reveals what really happens when one seizes a great opportunity and runs with it all the way to the top.

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