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Joe Campos Torres plaza and other headlines we’re watching

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Good morning! These are a few headlines we’re watching this week.

Houston dedicates plaza to Joe Campos Torres

As reported by ABC 13, “The City of Houston is dedicating a new trail, park, and plaza in memory of Jose ‘Joe’ Campos Torres, the Vietnam Veteran who was brutally murdered in 1977.”

Joe Campos was a 23-year-old Mexican American veteran who was brutally assaulted by police in 1977 after (or during) being arrested for disorderly conduct at a bar. His injuries were so severe that a supervisor ordered the officers to take him to a local hospital for immediate treatment, which the officers did not do. His body was found three days later floating in the Buffalo Bayou.

Initially, only two officers were charged and found guilty with a sentence of one year’s probation and a one-dollar fine. The case gained so much attention that it eventually led to changes in the Houston Police Department and additional charges for those involved. Learn more about the impact of this case at Wikipedia.


Scholarships awarded to Latino law students

40 Latino law students recently were awarded scholarships at the 8th Annual Scholarship Gala. According to the Houston Chronicle, “The scholarships are provided by the student associations as well as by the Hispanic Bar Association of Houston and the Mexican American Bar Association of Houston.”



Latino music industry grew by 28% last year

We all know that Latino music has gained popularity, with Latino artists featured on mainstream stations and collaborating with mainstream artists at higher rates than ever before. But did you know that Latino music revenues not only are growing every year but that they are growing more than the overall US market?

According to an RIAA report, Latino music grew by 28% last year while the overall US market only grew by 13%. Just to be clear, 28% translates to $554 million dollars more in sales. That’s a lot of bachata, merengue, and reggaeton!


Latino artists added to the National Recording Registry

Every year the Library of Congress adds new recordings to the National Recording Registry to be preserved for future generations. This year’s 25 audio recordings added include a few you might recognize:

  • “The Buena Vista Social Club” album (1997)
  • “Canciones de Mi Padre” by Linda Ronstadt (1987)
  • “Livin’ La Vida Loca” by Ricky Martin (1999)


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