Houston seeing the effects of “Youthification”

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Have you heard of “Youthification”? Yeah, neither had I. A recent article in Culturemap describe this trend as the impact migration patterns have on a neighborhood when it gets “an influx of young adults, aged 25 to 34.” Basically, the changes in an area that suddenly gets a large number of younger residents moving in.

So what does happen? The younger population moves in, zeroing in on locations where housing is available in their price range. Then more housing is made available in the area. Then (or before the new housing) you get bars and restaurants opening up within walking distance. And this brings in more “youth” which attracts more new housing and amenities. Etc., etc. And then the housing is no longer affordable and the area is very trendy.

Where does Houston rank? The Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown area ranked as #9 not just in the US but also within Canada. We have 15% of our population within the target ages of 25-34. The fact that Houston has one of the largest Hispanic populations also contributes to the youth of the city. And the Youthification continues.

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