Houston Media Moves & News: Vicente Arenas, Maria Corrales, and Jose Grinan

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Two Houston TV news reporters are making jumps that are worth noting this week:

  • Maria Corrales is moving from KXLN-45 (Univision) to KRIV-26 (fox). She’s crossing over from a Spanish-language station, where she is a reporter/producer) to an English-language station as a multimedia journalist.
  • Vicente Arenas is moving from the local KHOU-11 (CBS) to CBS News Miami as a national correspondent. According to Mike McGuff, “Arenas will be the first KHOU reporter to go straight to CBS News as a national correspondent since Dan Rather.”

We wish them both congratulations and good luck!

If, like me, you have noted that Jose Grinan has been “away” from Fox 26 recently, McGuff also provides us with info on why, quoting Grinan’s Facebook update:

For the next few weeks, I will be resting and recovering from a neck vertebra surgery that was a bit more complicated and more serious than I thought.

But I am so very thankful that I was able to take care of it before it reached that point of no return in my health, especially at my age. I miss inter-acting with all of you. And, I look forward to my return.

Our best wishes go out to Grinan and a hope for a speedy recovery.

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