El Tiempo on Navigation (photos)

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I revisited El Tiempo on Navigation and instead of being adventurous and ordering something new I could review, I just ordered the same Spicy Pork Tamales I reviewed last month. The only new thing I did was order dessert: Tres Leches cake. This is one of those things that I’m never going to make myself, so I usually indulge in it when I go out. Tres Leches is a Tex-Mex and Mexican Restaurant “regular” dessert, so (in Houston) I get a lot of opportunities to indulge myself in this.

The El Tiempo Tres Leches didn’t disappoint. It wasn’t too sweet, too cold or too soggy (complaints I’ve had about this dessert at other restaurants). I’ll definitely order it again.

The weather was great during my recent visit, so I am able to include photos of the outside (which were missing in my last post). As you can see, the outdoors are as impressive as the indoors.

El Tiempo is located at 2814 Navigation Blvd., Houston, Texas 77003, 713-222-6800.

2014.01 El Tiempo IMG_0417 2014.01 El Tiempo IMG_0420 2014.01 El Tiempo IMG_0422 2014.01 El Tiempo IMG_0423 2014.01 El Tiempo IMG_0424 2014.01 El Tiempo IMG_0426 2014.01 El Tiempo IMG_0429 2014.01 El Tiempo IMG_0430 2014.01 El Tiempo IMG_0432 2014.01 El Tiempo IMG_0438 2014.01 El Tiempo IMG_0443

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