Cyclone Anaya’s newest Houston location is a hit

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I’ve been a fan of Cyclone Anaya’s since the first time I had their Jumbo Lump Crabmeat Nachos. I had to get past the price first; in a city filled with extraordinary tacos at $2 or $3 each, paying $20 for nachos seemed absurd. But in Midtown, the location where I usually visit, the prices are “market” for that area, so I eventually was won over by the food and service.

I recently had an opportunity to check out their new location at City Centre. The restaurant has a similar high-end gloss as the Midtown location, though the seating was better (the Midtown location seating is very “cozy”). Though I went for brunch on Sunday, there wasn’t a wait to get a table and the restaurant wasn’t too full.

I ordered the Huevos con Chorizo, scrambled eggs with Mexican sausage (pictured above). Truthfully, this was perfectly adequate — which means that it didn’t wow me. I eat out a lot; I’m at that point where it has to be something special for me to say that it’s something special.

What is great is the chile con queso. Order it with the taco meat, it’s worth it. And it’s much better than it looks in the photo (below).

The other thing I ordered was the Crab Cakes Florentine. I’ve had these at other restaurants and they often make them too salty or serve them too cold. These were the perfect temperature and tasty without being salty. I usually order this dish when I make it to brunch at this restaurant. (Notice it’s crabmeat? I see a pattern.)

The service was good, and that’s taking into account that my waiter was very new. This is a good pick for Sunday Brunch with friends and family.

Cyclone Anaya’s @ City Centre is located at 800 Town and Country Blvd., Houston TX, 713-461-1300.

2014.01 Cyclone Anayas P1070513
Cyclone Anaya’s @ City Centre
2014.01 Cyclone Anayas P1070514
The Sunday brunch bunch.
2014.01 Cyclone Anayas P1070517
A great day to check out Cyclone Anaya’s.
2014.01 Cyclone Anayas P1070520
Chile con queso (with taco meat).
2014.01 Cyclone Anayas P1070521
Chips with Chile con Queso (with taco meat).
2014.01 Cyclone Anayas P1070524
Crab Cakes Florentine
2014.01 Cyclone Anayas P1070526
Carne Asada and Eggs

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