¡COLOR! with Jackie Gil: Meet the cast of “Her Cry, La Llorona Investigation” (video)

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In this webisode of ¡COLOR! with Jackie Gil she features the main cast of independent horror film “Her Cry: La Llorona Investigation” directed by Damir Catic. The webisode was filmed immediately before the premiere of the movie at WorldFest in Houston. The movie will be featured in Houston on October 22, 2013 for a red carpet event that will include some of the cast and crew.

More about the movie (description from IMDB): “The father of a missing teen contacts the creators of a reality show called “Paranormal Legends” to inquire about one of their episodes from a past season, claiming that show had something to do with his daughter Tina’s disappearance. In order to help the father, the creator of the series James Roberson and his producer Brian, along with newcomer to the show Andrea, took a trip to the place where some say La Llorona (The Weeping woman) was seen. They decided to film the new season there to help shed some light on Tina’s disappearance. Not listening to numerous warnings and facing unseen forces, their trip to the place ‘where it all began’ turns into a horrifying nightmare. The Police found 17 hours of tapes from season 4…and this is their story.”

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