Chocolate Cake Day — Tuesday, January 27th

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So, it turns out that today (Tuesday, January 27, 2015) is Chocolate Cake Day. Yes, you heard right, there’s a day to celebrate the wonderful mixture of chocolate-flavored bread covered in chocolate flavored icing.

So good!

In Houston there are many many places to celebrate. My first pick would be to visit the Chocolate Bar for a monstrous slice of Uncle Daryl’s Chocolate Cake. It’s four layers of moist, dark chocolate cake that you will not be able to eat on your own. This cake was made to be shared.

Another option is Ruggles Bakery for their German Chocolate Cake. It’s my sister’s favorite and one of the reasons we trek into Rice Village with such frequency.

You can always take the “small” option and go to Crave Cupcakes to indulge in a Chocolate Cupcake. It’s still technically cake, and very yummy.

Okay, in Houston there are countless places to indulge in a slice of chocolate cake. I could probably go on for pages and pages of options. The real question is: Where are you going to get your chocolate cake fix today?

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Source: Days of the Year.

Image source: Yummymoon / Pixabay

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