Audio Pick: Houston is no longer an “affordable” place to live

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In today’s audio pick we share a story that ran recently in Houston Public Media’s New 88.7 FM: “Rice U.: Houston No Longer An “Affordable” Place To Live.” In it they interview a researcher from Rice University and discuss the fact that, due to transportation costs, Houston is no longer considered to be an affordable city.

To Houston newcomers, the fact that transportation costs have edged out our affordability comes as no surprise. To those of use who have lived here for a while, this may not be as evident. The fact is, though, that between housing cost increases and the reality that Houston is physically the biggest (or one of the biggest) cities in the country have both contributed to making the city more expensive. Bad news, I think.

The audio track is shared below. If you’re having trouble accessing it, visit the SoundCloud story.


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Source: “Rice U.: Houston No Longer An “Affordable” Place To Live” | News 88.7 FM

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