A Literary Guide to National Hispanic Heritage Month

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On the last day of Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM), I am sharing this great infographic provided by Open Road Media:

Gabriel García Márquez. Frida Kahlo. Christopher Columbus. Pablo Picasso. These are just a few of the countless men and women that have inspired and shaped American art, culture, and politics. Like their forbearers, Hispanic and Latino Americans continue to contribute to the rich fabric of the United States in innumerable ways, from the literature of Isabelle Allende to the music of Carlos Santana.

Each year from September 15 through October 15, Americans observe National Hispanic Heritage Month to honor the histories, cultures, and contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans.

To celebrate, we’ll be spotlighting literature and stories that explore Hispanic themes. Don’t know where to begin? We’ve created a literary flow chart to guide you through the plethora of great reads, highlighting top picks in fiction, memoir, children’s, mystery, and more.

In their defense, they did sent it to me at the beginning of HHM. I’m just the one who overlooked it.

2013.10 Literary Guide to Hispanic Heritage Month

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