123456 is still the most popular password … are you kidding me?

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According to SplashData the most popular password for 2015 was “123456.” No, I’m not kidding. And it was the same for 2014, that is to say that the most popular password for 2014 was also “123456.”

Really people? You couldn’t do any better than that? Can’t you at least make it a little bit hard for hackers to get into your accounts? Maybe type in the numbers in opposite order or even enter just even or odd numbers? Certainly, you have to have a little more creativity than that.

And what was the second most popular password for 2015? Need a guess? I best you can get this one … drumroll please … it was “password.” Again, this is not a joke. And, once again, it was in second place for 2014.

So, I guess our laziness remains the same over the past few years.

New passwords that made the “Worst Passwords of 2015” list included:

  • welcome
  • login
  • princess
  • starwars

Check out the full list.

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SOURCE: Announcing Our Worst Passwords of 2015 | TeamsID

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