Houston’s ‘Chicano Squad’ comes to television

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Get ready for a compelling journey into Houston’s history with A&E’s upcoming docuseries, “The Chicano Squad.” Expected to premiere in 2024, this four-hour series delves into Houston’s groundbreaking all-Latin homicide unit, a force that defied odds, shattered barriers, and made an enduring impact.

But this isn’t the first time this captivating story has been explored. Back in January 2021, Vox Media launched an eleven-episode podcast hosted by actress Cristela Alonzo. This podcast delved into Houston’s response to tragedy, notably the death of Torres, which spurred the creation of the nation’s first all-Latino homicide squad. Alonzo, along with journalist Eva Ruth Moravec, weaved together interviews with activists, former officers, scholars, and Torres’s family, drawing thought-provoking parallels between past discrimination and today’s struggles for justice.

Fast forward to 2024, where A&E’s docuseries “The Chicano Squad” takes this narrative to the next level. Featuring original voices and seasoned producers, this visual exploration promises to be a testament to the enduring power of community, unity, and the pursuit of justice.

As the premiere approaches, brace yourself for a tale of resilience and transformation. “The Chicano Squad” serves as a poignant reminder that even in adversity, determined individuals can spark change that resonates across decades.


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