tortillerias in houston anjelica cazares

Have you noticed the recent boom of Tortillerías in Houston?

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Tortillerías seem to be popping up everywhere in Houston these days.  Have you noticed?  We all know in Mexico they’re pretty much at every corner in every town and city, but here in Houston it doesn’t seem they’ve been all that common until now.

It really is a luxury for us Houstonians to have so many different handmade tortillas to choose from!

You’ll have to decide for yourself which tortillas from which tortillerías are your favorites.  Although I will tell you I have noticed some differences at each of the tortillerías I have visited so far.  Some of them make their tortillas from actual nistamal while others just use Maseca instead.

And just in case you’re wondering not all of these up and coming establishments offer only tortillas.  Some of them sell tostadas, tortilla chips, flautas, rice, beans, salsas, cream y queso fresco.   In fact, for about $10 to $12 you could feed your entire family.

Now that’s what I call a good deal!

tortillerias in houston anjelica cazares

Anjelica Cazares

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