Circo Hermanos Vazquez: Circus Fun for Hispanic Families

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Up until last year, the one and only time I had been to the circus was when I was in Kindergarten. I know I went because I still remember that field trip and I have my name badge to prove it. So when the opportunity to attend two different circus acts presented themselves last year, I took the kiddos (now an 8 year old girl and a 6 year old boy) to both the Ringling Bros. and Barlum & Bailey Circus and Circo Hermanos Vazquez. They are both great circus acts (and yes, the only ones I’m familiar with). However, what sets the Hispanic circus apart is how one is able to enjoy it on a cultural level.

Circo Hermanos Vazquez was founded back in 1969 by Jose Guillermo and Rafael in Xaloztoc, in the state of Mexico. Arriving to the Unites States for the first time, for a short tour in Texas, in 1993. Today Circo Hermanos Vazquez is billed under third generation Aldo Vazquez and fourth generation Jose Alberto Vazquez Atayde.

While the Circo Hermanos Vazquez has acts you’ll expect, like animal performances, the trapeze show, clowns, etc., what I found most entertaining were the skits that drew from our Hispanic experience. Botas tribaleras worn byPancho el marciano, jokes about “chicharrón” and the fact the show is en español makes for a delightful experience. While Circo Hermanos Vazquez doesn’t have the varied acts found at Ringling Brothers, I actually found it less stressful…not having to take in 6 different acts at the same time.

The night I attended, I was accompanied by my husband and three kids (two mentioned above plus a toddler) and we all enjoyed the show. I caught my husband laughing at the cheesy jokes and I’m sure he didn’t mind the pretty circus ladies either. My eldest two were laughing their heads off , although they did keep asking for the snacks and toys the Circus staff made sure to let us know were available. I was hesitant about taking the toddler but she sat still and watched the whole show, she especially chuckled when a clown fell right by her.

In Houston until July 7th, tickets for adults range from $40 to $50, seniors citizens $30 and $40, and children $15. Children under 2 years of age enter free. Make sure to check for special guest appearances. This year and last, they have brought in telenovela stars like William Levy and Eduardo Yañez. For more information, you can visit their website

— Contributing blogger, Sybil Moncivais

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