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Calling all Quinceañeras: for the Quince of your dreams!

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It’s a rite of passage that these days feels less like a time honored tradition and more like the subject of a reality television show featuring lots of bratty Latina teenagers each time wanting more for their “big day.”  Their quinceañeras to be exact.  Actually, there is a reality show about this very subject.  Do the words Quiero Mis Quince mean anything to you?

They should.  And if they don’t, consider yourself lucky.

What’s at stake you might ask?  Only a dream Quince for 100 guests, a trip to LA to have none other than Jennifer Lopez herself style the lucky quinceañera, a private performance by 3BallMTY at your big party, a $5,000 scholarship, four Blackberry Z10 smartphones, and four $250 Verizon Wireless gift cards.

Kind of takes the pain out of planning one of these shindigs no?

I say you enter every 15 year old or soon-to-be quinceañera you know!

But hurry, the deadline to enter is July 31.


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