cinemark summer movie clubhouse

Beat the Heat with Cinemark’s Summer Movie Clubhouse


Here’s a quick tip for all you parents out there like me.  If you’ve hit that point of the summer when your kids are starting to repeat that dreaded phrase, “I’m bored,” every couple of minutes, allow me to introduce you to Cinemark’s Summer Movie Clubhouse.

Yes, I said movie clubhouse.  As in indoors, with air conditioning, popcorn and chocolate.  Now you’re listening, I know.  Houston is extremely hot in the summers, as we all know, and doing things outside can lead to some pretty uncomfortable and sweaty situations.  Yet staying indoors and running up the light bill isn’t really practical either.  That’s why I was excited to hear about this special summer program put together for families just like ours in Houston!

So what is the clubhouse all about?  Cinemark is offering several “dollar day movies” over the next couple of weeks to local families.  You’re not going to get to watch recent releases for a $1 – so forget about Man of Steel and the likes – and you will have to show up a little earlier than usual, but the great price means you can bring your kids and all of their friends.

That definitely makes for great memories.

Enjoy your time at the movies!

Get the full list of participating Cinemark Theaters Here.

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